Ladies Only Intro to Handguns

At Bullseye, we understand that learning to shoot a gun can be a little intimidating. For this reason, our “ladies only” class is designed to be fun, interactive, and set in a female friendly environment. The course curriculum is primarily the same as our general Intro to Handguns course, but with an added focus on ladies’ topics and techniques. Our primary goals for this class are to make sure that students are safe, accurate, and most of all comfortable with their firearm.


Students can expect to participate in “dry drills” in the classroom and demonstrate safe gun handling practices while covering a multitude of topics relevant to handguns. The class will conclude with a live fire session on the range. Completion of this course will make students eligible to apply for their Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.


Topics covered include but are not necessarily limited to:


  • Safe Gun Handling
  • Causes for Firearm accidents
  • NRA rules for safe gun handling
  • Pistols vs. Revolvers
  • Handgun anatomy
  • Ammunition and nomenclature
  • Firing sequence
  • Types of malfunctions and how to handle them
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Constitutional law
  • Situational Awareness
  • Concealed Carry holsters
  • Draw techniques
  • Review / Examination
  • Live fire on the range


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Time: Approximately five hours

Cost: $150