Concealed Weapons Class

Concealed Weapons Class in the Tampa Bay Area
Completion of this course will allow students to apply for their Florida Concealed Weapons Permit. During the approximately three-hour class, the instructor will cover legalities associated with concealed weapon permits, basic firearm safety, and a review of shooting fundamentals. The class will conclude with a live-fire session on the range where students will demonstrate basic proficiency.

What to bring

Bullseye Shooting Academy will supply guns, ammo, targets, as well as eye, and ear protection for your class. However, if you have a pistol or revolver that you would like to bring to your class, we encourage you to do so. It must be in a secure case (not a holster) and unloaded. If you do bring a gun, please also bring ammunition in a separate box / container. If you have your own eye and ear protection that you want to use, you are welcome to bring that as well. Lastly, we encourage you to bring a pen and paper as we cover a lot of information.


We offer our Concealed Weapons Class in the following locations Brandon, Lakeland, Tampa, North Tampa, New Tampa, Clearwater and St. Pete.

Length of class: Approximately three hours
Cost: $85


Note: This class is not meant for novice shooters. We strongly recommend taking our Intro to Handguns class or Ladies Only Intro to Handguns class if you are new to firearms. These courses offer a more thorough explanation of handguns as well as more interaction time prior to shooting on the range.  Both classes will qualify students to apply for the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.