Our Instructors

Jim Webber
Our Founder and Chief Instructor, Jim Webber, has been actively involved in shooting sports for over twenty five years. His enthusiasm for firearms, love for teaching, and ultimately the belief that all law abiding U.S. citizens have the right to use firearms responsibly is what inspired Jim to launch Bullseye Shooting Academy. Jim is an avid big game hunter, wing shooter, and sporting clays champion. He feels equally comfortable with a handgun, rifle, shotgun, muzzle loader, bow, or crossbow in his hands and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. In his free time, Jim can usually be found in the outdoors hunting or shooting sporting clays for Bullseye Shooting Academy. Jim credits his father, Jim Sr., with introducing him to firearms and responsibility at an early age.
NRA Instructor # 184593693

Steve Marotta
With over 30 years experience in handling firearms, Steve Marotta has been an NRA Certified Instructor since 2010. He has completed several nationally recognized courses as it pertains to safe pistol handling and defensive handgun techniques. Steve takes extreme pride in his passion for teaching proper firearm handling and safety, always patient and focused with his students. Steve is an expert marksman and enjoys off hand, open-sight rifle shooting at extreme distances in his spare time.
NRA Instructor # 101000125196183

Darrin Hatter
Darrin Hatter is 41 years old with a wonderful wife and three great kids – all of whom are involved in shooting and promoting firearm safety. He was fortunate to have a father who taught him how to shoot and the fundamentals of gun safety at the early age of eight. Darrin has been shooting ever since and is passionate about sharing what he has learned over the years with fellow shooters. In his spare time, Darrin enjoys shooting all types of handguns, tactical firearms, and shotguns. Darrin also shoots sporting clays competitively for Bullseye Shooting Academy.
NRA Instructor # 177358886